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  • Product Name:Hydrofluoric Acid
  • Molecular Formula:HF
  • Purity:40%-55%
  • Molecular Weight:20.01
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Product Details

  • CasNo: 7664-39-3
  • Molecular Formula: HF
  • Appearance: Colorless and transparent liquid
  • Packing: 25L,200L/plastic drum or 1000L/IBC tank
  • Purity: 40%-55%
  • Grade: AR grade or EL grade

    Usage:It could be used in the atomic energy industry, the preparation of elemental fluorine and fluoride, the manufacture of organic or inorganic fluoride as a catalyst and fluorinating agent, the pickling of stainless steel and nonferrous metals, the frosting and pickling of glassware, and the treatment of frosted bulbs.

    Antioxidant BHT 264



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